Initial Visit at The Women’s Health Centre

What happens at the First Visit?

Your first visit of approximately one-hour will include:

  • A detailed health history completed by the client
    • Reviewed by Dr. Sherman and/or Christine, the Nurse Practitioner
  • A comprehensive physical examination performed by Dr. Sherman or the Nurse Practitioner (NP)**
  • A health consultation
    • The findings of the health history and physical exam will be summarized and discussed with you.
    • Recommendations will be made as to any investigations, medications, referral to specialists and lifestyle interventions that may be necessary to promote health & improve or maintain the function of the body and mind.
    • A plan to optimize health and quality of life will be developed.
    • Counselling and education will be provided.
    • You will be supported through illness, monitored for any chronic condition and counselled to promote healthy living in order to prevent illness.

Scheduled follow-up appointments will be booked as needed to review test results, evaluate response to treatments and provide comprehensive support for health issues.

To prepare for your First Annual Appointment click here to download the questionnaire to fill out and bring with you to your first appointment with Dr. Sherman or Christine.

**To enable a more comprehensive health history (or at your request), the physical exam may be deferred to the second visit.