Dr. Sherman’s main focus for her Family Practice patients is disease prevention as well as reduction of risk factors leading to disease. Dr. Sherman provides patients with many recommendations to accomplish these goals. Specifically she recommends the following ways to lessen a person’s risk for developing a serious medical condition:

  • Weight Loss: to reduce risks associated with being overweight or obese. Risks include high blood pressure and body fat levels.
  • Eating foods in the low Glycemic Index : to reduce insulin resistance and Metabolic Syndrome.
  • Regular Exercise: to lower the risk for common diseases & conditions and maintaining bone health while reducing unhealthy stress.
Everyone can improve their health through:

1. A healthy eating plan

  • limit intake of saturated & trans fatty acids, simple sugars, refined carbohydrates
  • emphasize a diet rich in vegetables, fruit, whole-grain cereals, polyunsaturated and monounsaturated oils including omega-3 fatty acids

2.Achieve and maintain a healthy weight

  • waist circumference of less than 88cm for women & 102 cm for men
  • BMI of less than 27kg/m2 as a minimal goal and optimally less than 25kg/m2

3. Engage in regular physical activity 4-7 days a week

  • 60 min of light (walking, stretches etc.)
  • 30-60 min of moderate
  • 20-30 min of vigorous activity

4.  QUIT smoking

5. Check your Vitamin D level

6. Medication Reduction

  • There are many natural/herbal products that can be used to reduce levels that are borderline but not high enough to need a prescription medication
  • Every over-the-counter and prescription medication has side effects that could cause harm to your body. The benefits must outweigh the risks for you to take them. Review what you are taking at each visit to see if the medication is still necessary or can be changed to a less toxic type.
A series of well researched, formal health promotion program are also available including:
  • Detoxification through food elimination
  • Weight loss or weight gain
  • Control of inflammatory conditions of the intestines, joints and diabetes
  • Firstline therapy for healthy living
  • High quality, pharmaceutical grade supplements are available