Annual Membership


Great news! Due to changes in OHIP funding, membership at the Women’s Health Centre no longer requires payment of an annual fee.

Some services that may be included in your membership at the Women’s Health Centre include:

  • certificate of health verification
  • photocopies/fax
  • prescription repeats
  • injection of medications you supply (brought from pharmacy)
  • telephone advice (office or “on call”)
  • counseling of relatives
  • speaking with specialists about your condition (at your request)
  • cosmetic counseling
  • photocopying/fax medical information to a hospital or specialist on your behalf
  • access to educational materials on site including books, videos & brochures

There are some services that may still require payment of a fee (on a case-by-case basis):

i.e. Travel advice, S&A forms, TB tests, 3rd party physicals, Driver’s physicals, school or work notes due to illness, copy of medical record.