About Us

Established in 1998 by Clinic Director, Dr. Zoia Sherman, the Coral Medical Centre offers a comprehensive approach to medical treatment encompassing nearly all branches of modern medicine.

Windsor and Essex County are and continue to be one of the most medically underserviced areas in South Western Ontario. In an effort to overcome this issue, Dr. Sherman decided to open what was know as the Provincial Medical Centre. This centre was the first of its kind to combine traditional and holistic medicine by offering a fully integrated medical practice consisting of a walk-in clinic, family practice, women’s health clinic, medical pharmacy, medical lab, chiropractic services and registered massage therapy.

In 2004, the Provincial Medical Centre was closed and gave way to the current Coral Medical Centre and Coral Medical Health Spa. The Coral Medical Centre continues to offer a combination traditional and preventative approach to medical care. In addition to the walk-in clinic, family practice, medical lab and women’s health centre, by combining with the medical spa, the medical centre also offers four different lines of pharmaceutical grade supplements, three registered massage therapists, a complete day spa, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, detox and nutrition programs, a complete fitness facility and medical cosmetic clinic on site.

By making this transition, the Coral Medical Centre continues to stand out and is the only facility of its kind in Windsor and Essex County.

To learn more about us, please contact us with any questions you may have.